A Peer-to-Peer Navigation and Communication Technology

What is CAPS™?

The Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System (CAPS) is a peer-to-peer navigation technology, incorporating relative tracking data between two or more vehicles. This improves existing navigation products, reduces the need for ground-based tracking expenses, and even permits autonomous, absolute navigation of all vehicles involved. 

Flight Demonstration

From our recent CAPSTONE Mission Update

After working with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) team for over 2 years, Advanced Space was able to collect crosslink measurements between CAPSTONE and LRO during a recent experimental attempt on May 9th 2023. During this experiment, the CAPSTONE spacecraft sent a navigation signal to LRO which was subsequently sent back to CAPSTONE. From the returned signal, CAPSTONE was able to compute its range and trajectory which can be used to determine the positioning of both the LRO and CAPSTONE spacecraft. This was a primary objective for the mission which sought to demonstrate its CAPS technology which provides autonomous onboard navigation. Using the gathered data, the team will look to improve subsequent crosslink demonstrations and continue to work towards demonstrating operational feasibility. In the future, additional data types will be demonstrated and incorporated into CAPS to deliver navigation knowledge to users in orbit and on the surface of the Moon.


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